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Dry Cleaning

Bring your dry cleaning to Plainview Cleaners, and you’ll bring home nothing but freshness. Plainview Cleaners cares about the environment and DOES NOT use the controversial cleaning fluid Percholorethylene (Perc). You will never have that funny “dry clean” smell when you take it out of the bag. (And speaking of caring about the environment, you can bring your hangers back to re-use!)

Every item receives individual attention. We start by inspecting for stains. Each type of stain requires a different treatment. That’s why our Dry Cleaning Associates use a wide range of tools to break down and remove stains without harming the fabric. Then, we choose the right cleaning method for each item. For garments with delicate beadwork or embroidery, we combine different cleaning methods to give you the best results. After cleaning, inspectors look over each piece. If it doesn’t meet their critical eye, the item returns to the stain removal board. The garment is pressed and then inspected again. Once the Final Inspector feels it looks great, then it is released to be packaged and returned. In addition, we take precautions to protect or remove delicate buttons, ornaments, and trims so that they are not damaged in the cleaning process. Although there are some items that cannot be cleaned, the majority of garments have at least one safe method of cleaning. Plainview has the knowledge, experience and staff to make the best educated recommendations for your garment.

French Laundry

Accessories in our home reveal our identities. Comforters, drapes, duvets, table linens express our home’s personality. We service all our drapes, bed and table linens in-house. This includes stain removal, cleaning, hand pressing, and packaging.

We specialize in cleaning and finishing tablecloths, lace cutwork and all types of bed linens. Your fine linens require careful attention—especially heirloom pieces. We have decades of experience with all processes — wetcleaning and drycleaning and use our professional opinion to determine the appropriate care method and ensure that your specialty items are bright, fresh and clean.

Rugs & Area Rugs Cleaning

We do it all, including professional cleaning of your home rugs and area rugs. Whether your rug is oriental, silk, domestic, shag, cotton, imitation, reversible, etc., Plainview Cleaners can do the job.

A normal cleaning schedule for your rugs will prolong their life and keep your home smelling and looking fresh. We recommend that you clean your rugs at least once every two years. If the rug is in a high traffic area of your home, such as the front or back door, you should clean the rug every year.

Shoe Shine & Repair

There’s nothing more frustrating and time consuming than driving all over town looking for a shoe repair professional.

Plainview Cleaners will save you the trip to the cobbler.

Shoes are a reflection of their owner’s personality. Well-kept shoes stand for professionalism, attention to detail, ambition, efficiency, conscientiousness, organization, confidence and even friendliness. Shoe repair adds value to your footwear investment.

Quality women’s shoes can be resoled three to five times. Shoe repair can also alleviate a variety of physical problems. Worn heels will change your gait. When you are not walking properly, your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back can all suffer.

Heels: men, women, pumps

Half Soles: rubber, leather

Full Soles: leather, rubber



Leather Work


Leathers, Furs & Suedes

*It is important to know that when cleaning skins, all pieces of a multi-piece outfit must be processed at the same time since there cannot be a guarantee that they will match after cleaning if processed separately.

Leathers, Suedes and Furs require the proper care to keep them clean and looking great. These speciality fabrics require experience and expertise – or often can be ruined. Genuine suede, leather and fur requires special processing to preserve finish, feel and color. Therefore, you should take your garment to a professional suede leather and fur cleaner equipped for this type of cleaning. Plainview works directly with a local company that has specialized in Leather, Suede, and Fur care for many years. Our unique relationship with this company allows us to offer the finest services to our clients. Even in situations where your “normal” cleaner is unable to remove stains from delicate skins, Plainview can often provide more successful results.

Best Pressed Shirts-Shirt Service

Your image is important to us We have invested in a state of the art shirt pressing machine that does not leave clamp marks on your shirt and it’s easier on your buttons.

After inspecting and pre-treating any stains, we gently clean all shirts. We always replace any missing or damaged buttons. You may choose between receiving your garment on hangers or folded.

We guarantee a flawless presentation that make your shirts a “Cuff above the Rest!”

Alterations & Garment Repair

*It is important to know that when cleaning skins, all pieces of a multi-piece outfit must be processed at the same time since there cannot be a guarantee that they will match after cleaning if processed separately.

Are your pants or slacks perfect except they’re too long? Too short? Or does your very favorite coat just need a new zipper? Do you need a hem raised or lowered or buttons replaced? Or did you snag a hole in your favorite garment and need it reweaved? A good seamstress is hard to find. Plainview Cleaners can provide any level of alterations you may need. Our expert alterations staff can make any alterations you need. All very quickly and at a very reasonable price. Like our dry cleaning, most repairs are done by hand. As usual, handwork is time consuming and expensive, but it is often the proper way. These are a few key areas our alterations staff can customize for you.



New coat liners & zippers